Booking is the rental transaction that occurs after you have selected a car and paid the transaction costs   


 Book Instantly  

Book Instantly is when there is no waiting period for the owner's requested car to be accepted. Owners agree to accept these bookings with no delay


A Claim is a report made if an incident or damage is caused to a rented car



Disputes are disagreements between Owners and Travelers regarding the use of rented cars


An invite/invitation to Veekle’s Platform from a friend or via social media



A listing is your car that is used on the platform to rent to Travelers


A member is someone that has been accepted and verified on Veekle’s platform


Owners are verified and accepted to list their cars through Veekle’s Platform for rentals to our Travelers

 Rental Period    

The rental period is the length of time a car is rented on the platform


Arrangements made, and date confirmed for rental bookings on the platform


Individuals who rent cars from Owners


A trip is the length of time a car is rented through the platform


vDollars is the term given to points or rewards earned by Veekle’s Members

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