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Veekle is the Caribbean’s first peer-to-peer car rental platform. We provide a unique car renting experience for people who want to rent without worrying about the risks of being uninsured. When you rent on our platform, you rent from a real person; Veekle is not a traditional car rental agency.  


We have summarized the process below so that you can achieve peace of mind when renting. 

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 Choosing a Car 

The best part about renting on the Veekle platform is the opportunity to choose a car you like. Travelers can search for a car by selecting:

  • Pickup Location
  • Travel Dates
  • Car Type, Make & Model
  • Price
  • Transmission
  • Amenities Offered


Once travelers find the car they want, they can go ahead and submit a trip request. The owner has up to 24 hours to approve or decline your request. If it is approved, the trip is booked! 


Cars with a lighting bolt icon on their listing are available to ‘Book Instantly.’ You can book it immediately without waiting for the owner to accept your trip request. Once a traveler reserves a car, they should message the owner to arrange pick-up.



 Booking a Trip

Going through the booking process is a seamless and rewarding experience. You’re about to book a car you love so you can have a smooth, fun trip. Please keep in mind that the availability for all trip requests is displayed at the local time of the car's location.   


Travelers can make only one trip request for a specific set of dates. If the owner does not respond within 24 hours and the request expires or withdraws before it is accepted, you may submit another request. If you need to book another car for different dates, you can submit that trip request if the times/dates do not overlap with any other pending requests. In short, a traveler cannot book two cars simultaneously. 


During the booking process, you will have the option to select a few things:

1. Delivery: If the owner has a delivery location, such as an airport, you can choose that option. Your pick-up location will change from the owner’s central location.

2. Additional Drivers: If you would like to add additional drivers to the booking, you can do so while booking. Please note that other drivers must be verified platform members before booking a trip.


 Your trip is booked once the owner accepts your trip request. If you have chosen a ‘Book Instantly’ car, your trip is secured as soon as the request is processed. We will notify you of a booked trip via email and app notification. A booked trip means your reservation is paid for, and you are all set to go! You can see your booked trips under the ‘Trips’ menu tab. 

Communicate with the owner about where and how you will pick up the car. Although you cannot ask the owner questions before you book, you can include a message with your trip request.  



 Picking up a Car 

You are excited to start your vacation with some ‘peace of mind,’ but here are some things to remember.


  • Travelers must bring their driver’s license with them when coming to pick up the car. The owner may not hand over the car if you do not present them with a valid license. Also, additional drivers cannot pick up cars; only the booking traveler can meet with the owner. 
  • Check the car thoroughly at the start and take pictures. Ideally, take photos of the front, back, and sides, and note any minor dents. You are responsible for returning the car in the same condition as it was received. Photos of the car are the only way to document its condition. 
  • If the car seems unsafe, unacceptably dirty, or something does not seem right, please report it to your owner and us before taking possession of the car! If you and the owner can’t agree on the issue, Veekle may be able to help you cancel your trip and find a new car. 



 During your Trip 


If you need to keep the car for longer than you planned or realize that you are running late, you can extend your trip 6 hours before the end of the rental period, provided the owner has agreed. You will be charged for the cost of additional usage if you desire to bring the car back later than the scheduled return time.  


Similarly, if you want to return the car early, please understand that there will be no refund.


Additional information:  

  • If you have a mechanical issue, flat tire, or you are involved in an accident during your trip, you can call roadside assistance to help you. Members have 24/7 access to roadside assistance.  
  • Be proactive about reporting tickets or tolls.   
  • Be proactive about reporting damage or accidents. You must make a claims report within 48 hours of occurrence. 
  • You may not smoke, tow, or race in any car listed on or rented from Veekle’s platform.  
  • You can read more about our Prohibited here. 



 When Returning a Car 


 Follow these instructions to prevent a conflict when returning your car. 


Refuel: Please return the car with the same amount of fuel you had at the start of the trip. 

Clean: Make sure to clean the car before you return it. 

Document: Check the car for damage and take pictures to document the car's condition post-trip. If you don't take pictures, you might be responsible for any damage the owner reports.

Location: Unless instructed otherwise by the owner, make sure you return the car to the correct location. 




 The Completion of your Trip

Owners might dispute your security for an incidental cost from the trip. Owners usually request this through the Dispute tool.  


If you or the owner have reported car damage, a team member from our claims team will contact you. If you have more questions about that process, check out ‘How do I File an Insurance Claim.’  


If a traveler disagrees with a dispute or a damage claim, we will ask that the traveler provide supporting documentation (including photos). Before deciding who is responsible for the associated costs, we will review the information that the traveler and the owner have submitted.

Additional details are in various sections of the Care Zone

If you still need clarity on any topic, please email or submit a ticket. Always revisit our Terms of Service and Policies before you list or rent out your car.

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