Why Do I Need to Switch to Veekle’s Preferred Insurance Partner?

We understand that switching insurance providers might seem like an extra step, but there are several important reasons why we’ve partnered with a specific insurer for Veekle. Here’s why it’s beneficial for you:

1. Streamlining the Process

When you list your car on Veekle, we want to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. By using our preferred insurance partner, we can streamline your onboarding and ensure your coverage aligns perfectly with our platform. This means less paperwork and quicker, easier setup for you.

If you were to keep your current provider, it could take weeks for us to validate your primary insurance coverage.

2. Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage

Using your current provider for personal use and our partner for Veekle rentals can create conflicts and coverage gaps. Most personal insurance policies don’t cover commercial or rental activities, and trying to maintain both can lead to complications. By switching to our preferred insurer, you ensure seamless and comprehensive coverage that protects you both personally and during rentals on Veekle, avoiding the risk of losing coverage entirely.

3. Preventing Fraudulent Claims

Using our designated insurance partner helps us maintain a secure and trustworthy environment for all our members. It prevents situations where someone might try to claim a rental-related loss under their insurance, leading to complications and potential fraud. This ensures a fair and honest experience for everyone in our community.

4. Enjoying Year-Round Discounts

One of the great perks of our partnership is that you can benefit from discounts for days when you don’t personally use your car. Our insurance partner offers unique discounts based on your car’s availability and usage, saving you money throughout the year. This is something you won’t find with standard personal policies.

How to Make the Switch

simpleSwitching to our preferred insurance partner is simple and straightforward. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Please contact Fraser Fontaine & Kong (FFK) to get started.

Call or WhatsApp FFK Customer Service
Camile Morgan 876-788-6521
Lorraine McKenzie 876-805-3495
Suzanne Green 876-825-9830

We’re Here to Help!

At Veekle, we’re committed to making your experience as easy and rewarding as possible. If you have any questions about the switch or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at hello@veekle.com. 

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