How Does The Veekle Insurance Work?

 "Am I covered?" 

When considering renting a car through the Veekle platform, one of the most common questions is about insurance coverage. Rest assured, Veekle has partnered with an insurance provider who offers a solution for your peace of mind.

Before listing your car, you must purchase primary insurance coverage from our insurance provider. Additionally, rental coverage will be automatically acquired through the platform. Depending on your individual circumstances, you'll have the flexibility to choose between third-party or comprehensive coverage.

This insurance coverage is a fundamental benefit of renting through Veekle, as it protects you during the entire rental period.

To receive an estimate of the cost for primary coverage, please call our broker, Fraser Fontaine & Kong. ; you may pay less due to discounts being offeredNOTE: You won't pay more than your current premium, you may pay less due to offered discounts.

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We prioritize your safety and security, and our insurance coverage is designed to provide you with the confidence you need when renting out your car on our platform.

Important Note

Insurance coverage is at all times subject to adherence to the booking terms and conditions and the Veekle terms of service

 How Does It Work?

During the car listing process, you'll be required to upload your valuation report and enter the amount of your car valuation. Once this information is provided, the system will calculate your rental insurance premium. The full premium is split between the traveler and owner, this is visible on the platform.

However, it's essential to understand that the insurance premium is only charged if you successfully rent out your car. In other words, you won't incur any charges unless your car is rented. This ensures that you're not paying for insurance unless you're actively using the platform to generate income from your rental.

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