How Does Veekle Insurance Work for Travelers

Depending on the type of insurance the car owner chooses, Veekle will charge an insurance premium for each trip.

Currently, you can expect an insurance premium between $9/day - $20/day. The premium depends on the type of insurance and the type of car.

Comprehensive insurance is vital, as it safeguards you from losses involving other cars or objects. It's crucial to select a car with insurance that fits your budget and offers the protection you need. Here are some examples of the protection that comprehensive insurance offers:

  • Collision coverage: This covers damage to your vehicle in case of a collision with another car or object 
  • Car theft and damage from theft: Comprehensive insurance protects against theft of the vehicle and any damage resulting from theft 
  • Fires and explosions: Comprehensive insurance covers damages caused by fires and explosions 
  • Weather conditions such as wind damage from hurricanes: Comprehensive insurance includes coverage for damages caused by severe weather conditions like hurricanes, including wind damage 

By choosing a car with comprehensive insurance, you can ensure you're adequately protected against various risks during your trip. 

All members must follow the terms of service 

Insurance coverage applies to cars rented for personal use only. Cars rented for commercial purposes, organized racing, or stunting activity are not covered. Personal belongings left in the car are not insured. The owner and traveler must remove personal belongings from the car before and after each rental.

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