Tickets and Tolls

As a traveler, it's important to understand that you are responsible for any tickets or violations incurred during your trip, as well as road tolls. If you receive a ticket or toll, please notify both the owner and Veekle promptly.

If you have already paid the ticket or toll, there will be no additional fees charged to you. However, if the owner receives a notice in the mail regarding the ticket or toll, you will be responsible for the outstanding balance in addition to an administrative fee of $25.

Owners have a period of up to 90 days to request reimbursement for any tickets or tolls incurred during your trip. It's essential to communicate openly and transparently with both the owner and Veekle to ensure that any issues related to tickets or tolls are addressed promptly and fairly.

 Moving Violations

Any violation that impacts the owner's license must be transferred to the traveler, the traveler will be responsible for the cost of the violation. An administrative fee of $25 will apply.


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