How are licenses verified?

ShuftiPro is a leader in online identity verification and is used to authenticate users on our platform to circumvent fraud definitively.

 ID Verification

ShuftiPro’s ID Verification allows us to establish the genuine identity of our users by verifying government-issued identity documents in real-time. ShuftiPro’s advanced technologies detect digital manipulations of genuine ID images, content (name, address, date of birth, etc.), and face photo replacements.


Biometric-based ShuftiPro Authentication establishes the digital identities of our users through the simple act of taking a selfie. Advanced 3D face map technology quickly and securely authenticates users and unlocks their digital identities.


Once you sign up on the platform, you will verify your license by going to the platform profile section and starting uploading your ID. Jumio will check the front and back of the ID and automatically approve or decline within 5 minutes.

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