How can I help to attract travelers?

 Get More Bookings

Follow these steps to attract more guests and book more trips:

  1. Your vehicle description should be well-written, and you should use well-lit photos that catch the eye. The more trips that are booked, the more reviews you can get.
  2. Always remember to keep your calendar up to date.
  3. Be responsive; try responding to requests within 24 hours
  4. Don't overprice your rental and offer discounts when necessary
  5. Add extras, like car seats or first-aid kit

 Help Spread the Word 

Spread the word that your vehicle is listed on the Veekle platform, and be sure to share your referral code with others! It's a win-win situation - not only can travelers enjoy the convenience of renting your vehicle, but you can also earn rewards through our referral program when they sign up using your unique code. 

So, whether you're posting on social media, chatting with friends, or talking to acquaintances, don't forget to mention that your vehicle is available for rent on Veekle and share your referral code for added benefits!

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