Can I offer discounts?

 Simple Answer: Yes

Owners can set weekly and monthly discounts; owners can also change the price for specific days. Offering weekly and monthly deals encourage travelers to book long rentals, which increases owners' earnings. 

Discounts and custom prices must be in place before a booking request is received.

 Weekly and Monthly Discounts

You can set weekly and monthly discounts from the 'Pricing' section of your vehicle listing. You will not be able to apply general discounts to a pending request, a confirmed booking, or in-progress bookings.

A weekly discount will apply to all bookings that are 7 days to 30 days, and a monthly discount will apply to all bookings that are over 30 days. For rental extensions, we will apply your discount for the period.

 Custom Prices for Different Days

You can set custom prices for a specific day or range of days. Custom prices will override this feature if you're using a base price.


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