Avoiding An Accident

Over the past 14 years, traffic casualties have fluctuated in Jamaica, equating to an average of 341 traffic fatalities, with 80% of those fatalities being male. That means, on average, approximately 273 males and 68 females die from traffic accidents each year.


 Tips to avoid (or prevent) an accident in Jamaica

  1. Always keep to the left side of the road
  2. Be alert and on the lookout for other drivers
  3. Try to avoid or minimize distractions such as cell phones or being in arguments with passengers while driving
  4. Do not drink and drive. Ensure you have a designated driver if you intend to consume alcohol while being behind the wheel
  5. Drive within the speed limit. Minimize your speed where necessary
  6. Observe and obey road signs
  7. Ensure the fitness of the vehicle you are driving is up-to-date
  8. Be aware of road hazards, potholes, etc.
  9. Practice patience while driving
  10. Try to avoid overtaking (illegally passing) other vehicles
  11. Keep windshield and other mirrors clean
  12. Do not run red lights or stop signs
  13. Do not tailgate, i.e., follow closely
  14. Put on your turn signals at least 500ft before, even if you think no one is there.
  15. Avoid driving when you are tired

"We are appealing to drivers to cut their speed and look out for vulnerable road users. Never overtake on a bend or at a junction or unnecessarily. Never drive in a manner that will prove offensive to other road users. In addition, always use your seat belts, ensure passengers in the vehicle utilize them as well, and that children are securely fastened in the correct protective devices." Director, Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare


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