When your friends sign up on Veekle using your account referral link, you earn vDollars as a reward. It's important to ensure that your friends click on and follow your unique referral link to sign up, as this is how our system counts them as referrals for you.

Please be aware that vDollars earned through referrals are subject to expiration after 180 days. We encourage you to use your vDollars before they expire to make the most of your rewards. If you have any questions about the referral program or vDollars, don't hesitate to reach out to us for clarification.

 Share Veekle Key (Referral Link)

When your friends use your unique key to sign up, they receive $25 in vDollars, which is automatically applied to their first rental. You earn $25 in vDollars for each friend who signs up and $50 in vDollars when they list a car.

Referrals must use your key and sign up for the system to identify and count them as a referral. You earn vDollars for new users only.

Using Your vDollars 

You will be notified of your vDollars earned once your referral completes their first booking. Your vDollars will be applied to your next booking. All vDollars expire after six months.

Please note that all bookings must comply with our terms of service.

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