In an accident?

It's important to know what to do at the scene of an accident or collision before one actually happens. Having this information beforehand will reduce panic and leave you sufficiently prepared. Prevention is better than cure, so try to avoid an accident at all costs.



 Here's what to do:

  1. Move your car off the road
  2. Contact the police
  3. Take clear pictures of the damages incurred from the accident and the surrounding areas.
  4. Have your driver's license and car documents (proof of insurance) readily available
  5. You and the other driver/s involved should exchange and document names, insurance details, policy numbers, and any other information related to the cars involved in the accident.
  6. Avoid disputes surrounding the accident by not recounting or debating the details with the other driver(s) or passenger(s). (The police officer onsite will assess the accident and determine who is at fault)
  7. Visit the nearest police station to the scene of the accident for an accident report to be filed.
  8. Officer onsite will write a report and give you an accident claim number. It is important to keep this information handy and in a safe place for future references.
  9. Keep your claim number secure.
  10. Make contact with or visit your insurance company ASAP to report that you were in an accident.

Are you OK?

You must visit a doctor to get checked, this will ensure you're physically OK after being involved in an accident.

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