How do I cancel my reservation?

Once you cancel outside of the free cancellation period, you’ll be charged according to the owner's cancellation policy.


 How do you cancel a trip?

  1. Log onto, under trips
  2. Select the booking you want to cancel
  3. Choose the option to cancel your trip and select an appropriate reason for canceling.

(It’s important to select the reason that most closely matches your circumstance.)

Once the cancellation is processed, the booking will appear as “Canceled”.

Please Note

a trip marked “Canceled” is no longer valid. You’re not authorized to receive or drive the car. You cannot cancel a trip that has already started.

 Cancellation Refunds

Your refund amount depends on when you cancel the trip and the trip’s length. All cancellations follow the owner's cancellation policy. Veekle does not enforce refunds if you are outside of the owner's free cancellation window.

 Traveler No-show

If you don’t show up for a trip but haven’t canceled, this is considered a late cancellation or traveler “no-show.” and will follow the owner's cancellation policy.

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