I Have a Problem Booking or Listing

If you’re having issues with your account, please don’t create a new one. Please check Veekle's eligibility requirements. You may have failed to meet a necessary condition. 


 You may be unable to book or list a car due to:

  1. Multiple Accounts
  2. Account Review
  3. Trust and Safety Issue
  4. Policy Violation
  5. Poor Owner Performance


Multiple Accounts

Your account may be on hold because you’ve created more than one account. For the safety of our community, Veekle's policy is “one person per account.”

Review your account to make sure it contains your personal information only. Double-check the email address and phone number and update them if needed. To protect your privacy, we can’t update this information for you. 

If you’ve listed a contact number or driver’s license number that’s tied to an account that we’ve removed from Veekle, you’ll be unable to book or list a car. Our decision to deny access because of information linked to a removed account is final.


Account Review

If you’re not sure why your account has been put on hold, it may be because it’s under review. The Veekle Trust & Safety team regularly reviews members and trip bookings to keep Veekle safe, secure, and fraud-free. Reviews are done within 24 hours.


Trust and Safety Issue

A Veekle team member screens applicants after an account is created, after which screenings and follow-ups are ongoing and can be triggered by many things. We may deny you access to or remove you from Veekle at any time if our system finds a trust and safety issue with your account, and we will notify you via email. 

Unfortunately, in some cases, we will be unable to tell you the exact reason you are unable to use or access the Veekle platform. 

Decisions about access are never personal. They’re based solely on our pre-set screening policies.


Policy Violation

To be sure Veekle stays a safe, secure, and trusted platform, we may remove members who’ve broken Veekle's rules and policies. This includes users who don’t follow our Guidelines.

If you violated Veekle's policy, our guidelines, or terms of service, you would be sent an email advising you what rule you have broken. Our decision to remove a user because of a policy violation is final and will not be reversed.


Poor Owner Performance

Owners who fail to meet performance metrics and adherence to our terms of service may be removed from Veekle's platform. If you're denied access because of poor owner performance, we would have sent you an email explaining this. Check your Inbox and Junk Mail folder for such an email.

Timeline for Resolution

Our verification team will review your account and documentation and get back to you within 24 - 48 hours. Contacting us with an issue about which we’ve already made a final decision won’t result in a different decision. Veekle has the right to deny access to or remove members at any time for any reason.

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